Monday 31 March 2014

New beginnings - Why

So why did I choose this name for my blog?
Choosing a name is really difficult. I wanted something that wasn't just my name so I started looking at the stories I write. Oh I should mention that I'm a writer and that there will be a lot about that on this blog. Sorry I digress - I do that a lot!
Back to this post. When I looked at my stories it struck me that a lot of them are about new beginnings for my characters. They are entering into new relationships for various reasons just a writing represents a new beginning for me.
For the last thirty years I've worked in education. Leaving was tough but sometimes these things are necessary. I've been writing for nearly five years. I'll tell you more about what and why in another post. Recently, I've started writing my own stories, with my own characters and you'll definitely be hearing more about them.
So this is a new beginning all around.
My name is Alexa Milne. I'm a writer. This is my blog.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more from and you and accompanying you on the road to being published. :)

    1. Thanks Tiggeroo. Going to try to write a bit about how I got here and then about what happens.