Saturday, 9 April 2016

Cover reveal and Rainbow Snippet 9/10th April

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook Group that invites authors to post six sentences of their work each weekend. It can be from anything you like, your current WIP, a recent release, the golden oldie that even you had forgotten you had written, or just a scrap of an idea (as long as it has six coherent sentences). Nothing of your own work worth mentioning? How about a six sentence review of your favourite LGBTQ+ story.
I thought I’d do something extra today so as well as the snippet, so I’m going to reveal the cover of Choosing Home along with the snippet. This is the first book in The Call of Home series set in Scotland, and out for general release in July. This scene comes after the conversation and kiss. Zac has left and Seth is talking to Ron, a local cat, who has weaseled his way into the house. Zac is shown on the cover.
“Is it easier when you’ve had your bits removed, Ron? I came up here to get away from everything and… What the hell am I going to do about him? Don’t stare at me like that, you know who I mean—Mister Tall, Dark and Handsome who kissed me. Yes, all right, I know I didn’t exactly fight him off, but he caught me by surprise and…”
Ron raised his head and mewed again.
“Sorry, am I disturbing your beauty sleep? You’ll have to get used to it. I’m Welsh—we talk a lot.” Except I don’t. I never talk to anyone.

Choosing Home Blurb

You can never escape from yourself.

Zac McKenzie is an ex-professional footballer with a secret he gave up his career to protect. Several years ago, he fled to his home in the North East of Scotland to avoid being outed as gay. Now, he owns a successful hotel and restaurant, but is it time to finally come out into the open?

 Seth Pritchard feels he’s damaged goods. He comes to Scotland to escape memories of the accident that left him injured, his bullying stepbrothers and a life of lies.

 For their whole lives, Zac and Seth have denied who they truly are to themselves as well as others. When they meet, each man is forced to confront his fears and tear them down one by one.

In the meantime, A Bell Rings is available for preorder on Amazon and Pride Publishing. This is the sequel to my Christmas story, Not Every Time and features Jack and Raz. It is nine months later and Jack has no memory of Raziel. Link via the cover on main page.


  1. Ron wants to say, "Go get him, man, or your bits are wasted on you!" :-)

  2. Amazing how talking to an animal can help you sort things out.

  3. If that cat is anything like mine, it's wondering why humans are so complicated, LOL.

  4. So Ron is weaselly, is he? I'm saying nothing... ;P

    And great snippet, btw!

  5. A Welshie and a cat! Perfect! :-) Love the conversation.

  6. Beautiful cover! And it sometimes really helps to talk things out, even with the cat. :)

  7. Cool cover, congrats! I'm a sucker for a man with a cat. :)

  8. Talking to a pet is a great way to figure things out. Great snippet.

  9. Great cover. I like the hint that he's so desperate to confide in someone that he pours it all out to the cat.

  10. Love it! I get a real sense of Seth, just from this snippet.

  11. Great cover! And a great snippet too!