Sunday 31 January 2016

Rainbow Snippets - 31st January


This is my first go at putting up a snippet for Rainbow Snippets. Authors put up six sentences from their stories for others to comment. I've read some interesting excerpts today. This snippet is from my novel, Comfort Zone and reveals where the title came from. The main characters are Aron and Joe. If you've read Sporting Chance, you will know of Dan Morgan, the rugby player, who is mentioned in this scene.

“Dan told me about a conversation he’d had with another player when he first started playing for the Giants and had some doubts about being out and open about his sexuality.”

“I remember he talked to someone.” “This bloke encouraged him to do what he thought was best for him and said how some good players might cope playing in different positions and make it outside their comfort zone, but that good people always do. He told Dan that by being open about himself, he could do an immense amount of good in the game.”

“I’ve always admired his bravery.”
“He told me you were a good man too, and you are. You’re my good man, Aron—mine and Ellie’s.”

 Comfort Zone goes on general release 2nd February. You can find all the links here.


  1. I really liked that last line.

  2. Welcome to rainbow snippets!

    "You’re my good man," -- I like that line. Would love more back story so I hope you keep posting from it.

  3. Thanks. And I will post some more snippets.