Monday 1 February 2016

Comfort Zone Release Day Blog

I thought I'd have a bit of a giveaway to celebrate the release of Comfort Zone. I'm going to giveaway one e-book and one signed print copy. All you have to do is comment here or on my Facebook page.
After writing Sporting Chance, I wanted to give Aron a story. I felt guilty taking Dan and Aron apart and leaving Aron on his own, so I sat down and had a think. Now, I’m not really a planner, but I do like to have how they meet and some background and family and friends worked out before I start writing. After that all plans usually go out of the window anyway.

In Sporting Chance, about a chapter and a half were lost in the edits which gave a bit more detail of how Aron met Joe Walsh at the roadside so I decided to reunite them out of the blue. Joe is a caterer, hired by Aron’s PA Margaret, to cater the party to celebrate the one year anniversary of his technology company. There is a spark of attraction between them, but Aron has no expectation of following that attraction and during the dinner he makes a huge faux pas.

Now, I’m not going to give any spoilers, but let’s just say to begin with there is no love lost between the two men, and after their first encounter, each feels they have missed an opportunity. Aron meets with Iestyn, who, some might think is a surprising person for him to talk to, and Joe tries to talk to his best friend, Jonno and makes more discoveries.

Joe and Aron meet again by accident, and slowly, friends and family push them together again. Both of them have plenty of doubts and fears to overcome along the way. The attraction may be there from the beginning, but everything else takes time. Trust is not easily won. However, these two good men deserve happiness, if only they are prepared to step out of their comfort zones to embrace it and each other.

Book Blurb

What would make you reach outside your comfort zone?

Aron Roberts helped his previous love discover a new one, so now he’s on his own, living only for his work and the times he manages to escape into the sky. He meets Joe Welsh again—a man he met at the roadside a year ago, a man who became an out-of-reach figure in his fantasies. Aron discovers Joe’s life has undergone major changes since their last meeting. The spark of attraction ignites into flames only to be put out by uncomfortable truths.

Can Aron overcome his fears and step out of his comfort zone to find love? Can Joe help Aron to deal with his past and trust him enough to allow Aron into his life?

With the help of family and friends, and a very determined one-year-old girl, Aron and Joe have a journey to make and obstacles to overcome, if they are ever going to get their happy ever after.

Publisher's Note: This book is linked to Sporting Chance but can be read as a standalone novel.

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  11. And the winners are Denise Dechane who gets the signed copy and Lee Todd who gets the e-copy. Thanks for commenting.