Saturday 13 February 2016

Rainbow Snippet 13/14 February



Rainbowsnippets is a Facebook Group that invites authors to post six sentences of their work each weekend. It can be from anything you like, your current WIP, a recent release, the golden oldie that even you had forgotten you had written, or just a scrap of an idea (as long as it has six coherent sentences). Nothing of your own work worth mentioning? How about a six sentence review of your favourite LGBTQ+ story.


This week’s snippet is again from Comfort Zone. I love Rhodri and I had to include him in one of these snippets. Rhodri is the eighteen year old son of Dai, Aron’s works manager. He has recently announced he is bisexual and his mother, Pauline was hoping that Aron might be his gay guru. In actuality it’s more the other way around. In this scene, Rhodri has come to do work experience with Joe as he is at catering school. Jonno is Joe’s best friend and already on Rhodri’s radar. It may be a smidge longer than six sentences – sorry.


The way Rhodri gazed up and down, Joe couldn’t help but feel he was being assessed. 

“Hi, I’m Rhodri, and you are gorgeous.” 

Joe smiled when Rhodri’s face flushed. 

“Sorry, I meant your daughter. Shit, not that you aren’t good looking as well and oh hell, sorry, I shouldn’t have sworn in front of her.” His whole body sighed. “Could you close the door then open it again as if this never happened? I guess I’m nervous.”

The grin he broke into would have charmed anyone. Joe guessed Rhodri used his boyish charms to get his way over lots of things. He cocked his head and peered out from under his dark fringe with huge chocolate-colored, puppy-dog eyes. Ellie wriggled in Joe’s arms and reached toward Rhodri, who in turn held her hand.

“I think she likes you,” Joe said, laughing.

“She’s obviously got remarkably good taste. So can I come in?” Joe stood back, smiling to himself as Rhodri sashayed through to the kitchen. God help Jonno, because his lad had confidence written right through him like a stick of Barry Island rock.


Thanks for reading. You can find all the buying links for Comfort Zone here.


  1. Poor flustered Rhodri

  2. Oooh Barry Island rock. I think that's responsible for the state of my teeth. I've done my time in Barry sheltering from the rain under the concrete roof, sucking rock and shivering. I'm sure Joe and Rhodri would have found more interesting things to get up to. Love it. It made me smile

    1. Barry is my home town. Rhodri may flirt but in the story he only has eyes for Joe's best friend, Jonno.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Rhodri DIDN'T mean Joe's daughter? Fun snippet -- I think I'm going to enjoy these characters.

  4. Rhodri is an equal opportunity flirt.

  5. Rhodri knows how to move and shake.

  6. *chuckles* Very nice. Love how Rhodri charms his way past the awkward moment.

  7. Thanks - it is Rhodri's charm that gets him everywhere.