Monday 12 December 2016

Weekly Round Up, 12th December.

Monday again - only one more before Christmas and I've bought all the presents and posted all the cards. For me, this is unusual. 
I started a new story this week and got over 3000 words done as well as my feeble attempt at planning, which consists of writing any ideas down then crossing them out. I've already changed my initial ideas about the MCs and these two are a bit younger than my usual pairings. The story is set in Leeds. This week I hope to add more words and see where Danny and Mark go. This one is going to be a slow burn.
Last week, I had a Heidi Cullinan fest and read the Minnesota series. I love reading linked in stories. Next up is Merry Christmas Mr Miggles by Eli Easton as I continue Christmas stories and a new author, Jerry Cole.
On the watching side, thanks to Heidi and Jordan L. Hawk, I ended up watching Yuri on Ice in a day. I've never watched anime before. Some characters are a bit shouty, but I love the central story of Yuri and Victor, and I've been a skating fan for years. Yesterday, Dirk Gently appeared on Netflix, so that'll be on my binge list as well as continuing Eyewitness as the rest of my watches are now on holiday hiatus.
Watching Countryfile yesterday, it was lovely to see the Moray coast, the setting for my Call of Home series. 

And a little edit to say my older men story, While You See a Chance, has been accepted for publication. I am thrilled.
Have a good week everyone. Next week I'll be writing my round up for 2016 - oh dear.

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