Monday 8 May 2017

Weekly Round Up 8th May

Monday morning again and my weekly update.

Last week, While You See a Chance, my story of older men and second chances went on general release with Manifold Press, and I’d like to say thank you to Fiona for hosting last night’s enjoyable Q&A. I’d also like to thank Rachel Maybury at Signal Boost Promotions for the release blitz. You can read the blurb here
which links to the book wherever you are. The story concerns three friends, Sion, Phil and Helen who meet again after nearly forty years, and has a back story of family tree investigation which leads to a surprise.
I managed to add some words to my WIP, Half Full, set in Norfolk. It has reached nearly 88K now with some still to go so might hit 100K. This is the story of Jonah and Owen, who after poor starts find families who love them, but the past has a habit of catching up with you. Meanwhile, there is am dram, family dramas, local government cuts, and kittens do deal with. I need to pull my finger out and get this one finished so I can get to my Christmas story idea before it’s too late.

On the reading and watching front, last week I didn’t get much reading done, but did finish Priest, Prophet, Beast by Harper Fox. I love the Tyack and Frayne series. Next up to read is Wake Up Call by JL Merrow continuing my Cornish theme. Last week’s rewatch was Supernatural S5 with the first appearance of Mark Sheppard as Crowley. I love both actor and character. S5 has my favourite episode Swan Song.

We’ve also watched S2 of Sense8 over the weekend and it was wonderful. Can we have S3 now please? If you haven’t seen it please watch. I love every one of the eight main characters and the side characters, especially Hernando and Armanita are glorious.

Going to give American Gods a try and not sure which box set is next as it isn’t my choice. And, of course, it is Eurovision week – yay.

This week, My Highland Cowboy is on early download from Pride Publishing and there are more release blogs. This story is set in the Scottish Highlands on a ranch.

Tomorrow’s blog is about plot bunnies and where the ideas for While You See a Chance and My Highland Cowboy come from. Duncan has friends but he’s lonely but into his life walks or rather strides Drew. Can a summer fling lead to more? But how when two men live such different lives? You can preorder My Highland Cowboy here

or get the early download here

That’s it for this week. Have a good one everyoneIHH

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