Monday 13 March 2017

Weekly Round Up 13th March

Monday morning again and I’m not feeling at my best. I managed to twist my better knee yesterday when getting up and it is rather painful with occasional throbbing. I can walk as much as I usually can but have to remember not to bend it back to far. I also had a bad night with the smoke alarm bleeping to tell me it needed charging and my elder cat wailing like a banshee. We’ve no idea why she does it but she was loud on several occasions in the early hours. I am, therefore, rather grumpy.

On the writing front, last week I added 6000 words to my WIP which is the most I’ve written in a while. All edits have been done on While You See a Chance and waiting on hearing if I need to do anymore for My Highland Cowboy. This week I hope to get more done on Half Full. This one requires some research but I’m writing the first draft and will check later so I don’t disappear down a hole.

I didn’t manage to read much last week. I enjoyed Imago by N R Walker even if I’m not the biggest fan of butterflies, I love nerds in bow ties! Next to read is Fool’s Gold by Sarah Madison. Last week’s boxset watch was The Crown on Netflix which we enjoyed very much despite the minor errors such as Prince Philip’s mother not wearing a nun’s outfit at the wedding although she did later. Philip had an ‘interesting’ family. Next is my choice so we are back to Supernatural with S2 – they look so young! I tried to watch When We Rise but ended up watching out of order so got confused. What I saw was very good. Also, still loving Black Sails and Legends of Tomorrow.

That’s it for last week. Saturday was John Barrowman’s birthday. He posted some pic with a bare-chested Stephen Amell worth a look. I shall leave you with a bare-chested Captain Jack Harkness.

Have a good week everyone.

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