Monday 14 December 2015



This time last year, I had one published book, Sporting Chance, the story of teacher, Iestyn and rugby player, Dan. Now, I have four stories on Amazon, and the follow up to Sporting Chance, Comfort Zone, will be up for pre-order with Pride Publishing on 22nd December. More on that story below.

Today, my Christmas short story, Not Every Time, is on general release. (See links below). I’ve always written Christmas stories for my fanfictions, and I love including Christmas in stories. It features in Sporting Chance and in Comfort Zone, and so writing a story set at Christmas seemed a given.

Not Every Time, is a short, sweet and sexy read. It is about two friends, Raz and Jack, who have known each other for twelve years, since Raz saved Jack’s life. Raz loves Jack, but Jack is still looking for the right woman. In the story, he discovers he’s been looking for love in the wrong place. There’s also a bit of a mystery in the story – an is he or isn’t he? Oh, and did I mention there are kittens? When I finished writing this one, I wrote a sequel straight away in a very short period of time for me. This story takes Raz and Jack further and reveals all. It will be out next year and is called A Bell Rings.

Comfort Zone can be read as a standalone story, but Dan and Iestyn do appear, and it might be better if you’ve read it to find out a little more about Aron. Aron was Dan’s first love, but now he’s on his own and has thrown himself into his work. In the first chapter he meets, Joe Welsh, a man who he first met by the side of the road a year ago when both their cars had broken down. Since that meeting, Joe’s life has taken a dramatic turn. We meet Joe’s family and friends - I love writing families and how they interact – and discover whether Aron can step out of his comfort zone to find love again. Along the way we also meet Rhodri, the bisexual son of Aron’s factory manager, who at eighteen has more confidence than Aron, Emrys, the wonderfully OTT brother of Aron’s best friend, as well as Charlie the failed sniffer dog, and a wonderful little girl called Ellie. I loved writing this story so much. It goes on general release in February.

Next year, in the summer, the first two books in The Call of Home series, will be out. These stories are set on the north east coast of Scotland, a place I’ve visited often. In the first, you’ll meet Zac and Seth and the second Darach and Brice. The third is written, and I’ve ideas for the fourth.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, and I wish you all a happy and successful New Year.



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  1. This book looks good, I love Christmas books! I need to read your first series!! And then I see a new series in Scotland..that is so exciting, I love that!!! Thanks for letting us know what to expect

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

    1. Sporting Chance can be a standalone but it's better to read it before Comfort Zone. I hope you enjoy both.