Monday 27 March 2017

Weekly Round Up 27th March

Monday again, and this will probably be a short update. The sun is shining in my part of Lancashire, but it’s still cool.

On the writing front, slow progress was made on my WIP with around 4000 words added to Half Full and a few ideas sketched out – as much planning as I do. I also wrote up the blog post for the introduction of While You See a Chance for Manifold Press on 1st of April. I’ve planned up to five posts for the release blitz/tour of this and my other book, My Highland Cowboy, out with Pride Publishing on 6th June. Ideas have popped into my head for my possible Christmas story, which I suppose I will need to get on with some time soon.

For some reason, I haven’t managed much reading this week. I read Shameless by R. G. Alexander. The Finn series is a bit of a guilty pleasure, though I’ve not read them all. I also devoured Play Dead by Avery Cockburn, who kindly sent out an ARC of this story. More Colin and Drew this time and an angsty tale that I loved. I can’t recommend this series enough if you like Scotland and football, as I do, combined with a bit of politics and religion.

This week’s box set, after finishing Supernatural S2, is the original UK version of House of Cards which stands the test of time and is interesting because of how it saw the future of the monarchy as well as politics. Supernatural S3 will be next. On Saturday, I watched the whole of S3 of Frankie and Grace which I enjoy more for the women than the men. I love Lily Tomlin, and have even warmed to Jane Fonda, but, although I’ve been in love with Martin Sheen since The West Wing, I can’t quite get my head around his character, or that of Sam Waterston, and they seem awkward together. Still watching Black Sails and worrying what will happen to Flint. All the pieces pre-Treasure Island are starting to fit into place.

This week, I need to get some more writing done to see if I can get WIP over 70K words, and make a start on the blog posts, although I’ve found a new family tree to do so that always distracts me, and I’ve been updating my own. I ended up having an interesting set of messages with someone in Australia about how people in the past change their names and basically lie about who they are and where they are from, but I’ve a blog post to write about that maybe.

Oh well, that short update became a bit longer than I expected.

Have a good week everyone.

Monday 20 March 2017

Weekly Round Up 20th March

Morning – it’s Monday again and I’m watching Sara Cox on her 24-hour dance-a-thon for Comic Relief, although I may get fed up of 80s songs very soon. I’m happy to report the knee has recovered, no thanks to the weather -  it’s chilly and still raining in my part of Lancashire.

On the writing front, I managed some words last week - around three thousand added to my current WIP taking it to 67K. I have a difficult and emotional scene to write next. I do put my MCs through it. This time it’s poor Jonah and how something seemingly ordinary can take you back to a memory you’d rather forget. I also planned out on an A3 page – as near as I get to planning anyway – a story I’ve wanted to write for a while which I’d like to turn into a Christmas story. It will have MCs with an age gap.

Planning for the blog/review tours for While You See a Chance and My Highland Cowboy have gathered speed thanks to Rachel, and thanks to all the blogs who have signed up so far. I’m both terrified and excited.

On the reading front, I’ve read Play Dead the next in the Glasgow Lads series, an ARC kindly provided by Avery Cockburn, which I can heartily recommend, even if Colin and Andrew are put through it, and I wanted to hug both of them. I love this series. I’m now reading Fool’s Gold by Sarah Madison and will finish Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch this week.

For this week’s box set, we are back to Supernatural with series two. I’d forgotten how many ghost stories there were, but it’s interesting to see themes from S2 which reappear over the years, and lovely to see the first appearance of Richard Speight Jr as the Trickster. Still watching Legends of Tomorrow and good to see Rip back in his swishy coat. I do love a character with a swishy coat. Then there’s Black Sails as well. I know what the ending should be but I so want Hamilton not to be dead so he and Flint can disappear into the sunset. Lastly, I must mention Call the Midwife which ended another great series. I’m constantly amazed by how well it tackles such difficult subjects.

This week, I have the usual plans to write something, but not giving myself a target. There are also a few blogs to write. The first one is for the launch of While You See a Chance for Manifold Press. Oh my, it’s getting closer.

Have a good week everyone.

Monday 13 March 2017

Weekly Round Up 13th March

Monday morning again and I’m not feeling at my best. I managed to twist my better knee yesterday when getting up and it is rather painful with occasional throbbing. I can walk as much as I usually can but have to remember not to bend it back to far. I also had a bad night with the smoke alarm bleeping to tell me it needed charging and my elder cat wailing like a banshee. We’ve no idea why she does it but she was loud on several occasions in the early hours. I am, therefore, rather grumpy.

On the writing front, last week I added 6000 words to my WIP which is the most I’ve written in a while. All edits have been done on While You See a Chance and waiting on hearing if I need to do anymore for My Highland Cowboy. This week I hope to get more done on Half Full. This one requires some research but I’m writing the first draft and will check later so I don’t disappear down a hole.

I didn’t manage to read much last week. I enjoyed Imago by N R Walker even if I’m not the biggest fan of butterflies, I love nerds in bow ties! Next to read is Fool’s Gold by Sarah Madison. Last week’s boxset watch was The Crown on Netflix which we enjoyed very much despite the minor errors such as Prince Philip’s mother not wearing a nun’s outfit at the wedding although she did later. Philip had an ‘interesting’ family. Next is my choice so we are back to Supernatural with S2 – they look so young! I tried to watch When We Rise but ended up watching out of order so got confused. What I saw was very good. Also, still loving Black Sails and Legends of Tomorrow.

That’s it for last week. Saturday was John Barrowman’s birthday. He posted some pic with a bare-chested Stephen Amell worth a look. I shall leave you with a bare-chested Captain Jack Harkness.

Have a good week everyone.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Cover reveal - My Highland Cowboy

Second cover reveal of today. This is for My Highland Cowboy out on 6th June. I chose the image and photograph which Emmy Ellis put together.

Here is the blurb.

Duncan McLeish owns a ranch. Unlike most ranches, this one is in the Scottish Highlands. Having inherited a failing farm from his grandfather, he turns it into a successful business. He has friends and he loves his home, but he’s lonely, and not even infrequent trips to Glasgow and Edinburgh slake that thirst to find someone. Then Drew Sinclair walks into his life.

Drew Sinclair is tantalizingly close to getting his clothing brand noticed in the industry. He and his business partner, Joy, create individual dresses, while, on the side, Drew produces a line of men’s lingerie. He visits Scotland to design a bridal gown for his sister, Jenna, who is marrying Duncan’s best friend at Christmas.

Duncan and Drew have nothing except their Highland upbringing in common, but they say opposites attract, and the attraction is immediate. Is this simply a summer fling, or can two men who live such opposite lives miles away from each other find a way to love?

Cover reveal - While You See a Chance

I have two books out soon. The first, While You See a Chance will be out on 1st May with Manifold Press. Here is the cover reveal and blurb.

This is the blurb.

As children growing up in South Wales, Sion, Phil and Helen were known as the Three Musketeers, always together and never apart - but time moves on. Sion left to lecture in history at Yale. Phil married Helen because it seemed the obvious thing to do, and they settled down to life in Manchester.
Now all three are approaching sixty. After the death of his partner, and wanting to solve a family mystery, Sion returns to his childhood home to start again. When Helen announces she wants a divorce, Phil also returns home, to a new teaching job, and to renovate the ruin of a house he and Sion once dreamed of living in.
Neither man knows the other is back. Neither man knows how the other feels. With so much unsaid, and so many years apart, can Sion and Phil finally face the truth and take a chance on finding happiness together?

Monday 6 March 2017

Weekly Round Up 6th March

Monday morning and a brief update because I haven’t much to say. Those of you who have read my 2016 will know about my brother’s condition. We had some bad news the week before last but better last week. So fingers crossed this new treatment will at least keep the situation the same.

On the writing front, I haven’t done much. While You See a Chance is done and cover sorted, and My Highland Cowboy is with the FLE. I have a lovely cover for that one as well. While You See a Chance will be out 1st May and My Highland Cowboy on 6th June. I decided to revisit a story I wrote nearly a year ago and left with an open ending. I’ve read through it and decided to write more on it rather than write a sequel. It’s a bit of a quandary, because I don’t think there is enough for a sequel, but we’ll see. I did write around 2000 words on it and hoping to continue. I have a Christmas story nibbling at my brain as well.

I haven’t done much reading either. Finished and enjoyed Hard Wired by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell and now nearly finished An Unseen Attraction by KJ Charles. Next on my TBR is Imago by NR Walker.

TV watching this week. Continuing the wonderful Black Sails. I’m going to miss it when it finishes. We have watched the whole of S1 of Supernatural. I’ve watched the first two episodes of When We Rise and cried every time. Next watch is The Crown for something different.

That’s it for this week. I’m hoping to get more writing done on Half Full, but it is slow going at the moment. I’m hoping Jonah and Owen will get the juices flowing again.

Lastly, I seem to have had a lot of friend requests recently. If we have friends in common, I’ve confirmed the request and hello. If not, excuse my scepticism but I do wonder sometimes.

Have a good week, everyone.