Tuesday 6 June 2017

Reviews for My Highland Cowboy

I've had some lovely reviews so far for My Highland Cowboy, but don't just take my word for it. Here are some of them.

An out and proud fashion designer and a somewhat in the closet and shy Scottish cowboy were that backdrop for Alexa Milne’s newest tale, My Highland Cowboy.

Drew and Duncan lit the scenery and pages with Ms. Milne’s eloquent writing and creative story telling. I was transported into the Highland ranch and felt a part of their lives.
The shy and unimposing mannerisms of Duncan elicited a tug at my heart and I adored Drew’s take charge attitude – especially his relentless pursuit of Duncan. Together the men radiated beauty and affection.

The secondary characters added depth to the story and I hope to see many more books transpire form this one.
My Highland Cowboy was a lovely read and should not be missed.

MM Good Book Reads said

This is a great story that I found intriguing, the idea of a Scottish cowboy was just fascinating and having a fashion designer as his love interest was delicious.

Both Duncan and Drew are great characters; although it took me a short while to warm up to Drew (he was a little brazen at first). Both Duncan and Drew proved to be a match made in heaven, even though they do have a bit of angst as they try to work out what they both wanted and how to get it.

The story is perfectly written with it being a sweet romance with just an added dash of angst, the relationship is fast paced but it felt natural. Duncan and Drew just fit perfectly together making it seem natural for them to fall for each other so quickly.

I enjoyed this story and thought that it was a great read; it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun where we get a huge dose of romance shot through with hot sex.   

The Geekery Book Review said

These two don’t get off to the best start, Drew is out and proud and will flirt with anyone while Declan has led a much more sheltered life, not really admitting his sexual preferences to anyone. Drew comes on a bit strong for him but eventually these two get passed that awkward beginning. They can’t deny their connection and their chemistry and set out on what is only supposed to be a week of fun. But when it’s time to leave, it certainly isn’t easy for either man. I think Alexa Milne does a fantastic job with this part of the story – so much emotion and feeling! My heart hurt for these two during their time apart! But is does make for a great story.

Drew and Declan have to earn their happy, both men figuring out what is really important in life and if that can make that happen together. This book made me laugh, made me swoon and yes there were a few tears, it really had it all. I loved both of these men, Drew with his sass and strength and Declan with his sweet heart and innocence! They fall in love and find a way to make it work! I definitely am looking forward to reading more from Alexa Milne!

On the surface, Duncan McLeish and Drew Sinclair could not be more opposite than their country vs. city lives they live.  But, as in life, not everything is as it seems.  Duncan's upbringing wasn't as country as his ranch now and Drew didn't always live in the city but now their lives are very different.  Will their chemistry be enough to overcome the location logistics? Well, for that answer you will have to give My Highland Cowboy a read for yourself but I can safely and honestly tell you that you will not regret it.

The old adage sometimes you have to give to get, well that is what Duncan and Drew are facing if they want to be together and watching them deny what they feel is more than a fling is a bit heartbreaking but seeing their family and friends rally around them, or at least try to, is heartwarming.  Having a story that can both break your heart and warm it on the same page is not easy and shows real talent by the author, as is having just the right amount of angst mixed into a lighthearted read.  

My Highland Cowboy is not my first Alexa Milne read and it has proven that I'll be looking at her backlist to add to my TBR list.

Bayou Book Junkie said

I loved Duncan and I really wanted him to get his HEA, especially with all he'd lost already. His grandfather had really done a number with him, but it was nice seeing him come out of his shell eventually. I liked Drew, but it took me a while to warm up to him. He was too brash at first and that put me off. He did get better and there was no denying the sparks that flew when Duncan and Drew were together. I adored that there wasn't unnecessary angst in their relationship, aside from the long-distance thing. It was refreshing.

I loved the secondary characters and overall, the story was very enjoyable, fun, hot, with just enough angst to keep things interesting and very well-written. I do hope the author writes us Lachlan and Cormac's story next, because I'd love to read it!

Very recommendable!

The Keysmash Blog said

The setting of this book is so vivid I could practically smell the hay. Duncan’s ranch is a lovely backdrop for a sweet but fraught love story.

I got attached to Duncan immediately; as he came out of his shell more and more, shedding the feelings of not being accepted, of repressing who he really is, my emotional investment grew. I loved Drew as well, with his confidence and his preference for lingerie, but it was Duncan’s heart that I felt most protective of.
There’s just enough angst and pining to offset the sort of idyllic ranch moments, so it doesn’t ever veer into too-fluffy territory. It’s the perfect mix of quiet and sweet and sad, with a lot of hotness thrown in.

Who doesn't love a cowboy....

I haven't read a book for ages about a rugged man in a cowboy hat and some tight fitting jeans and this definitely hit the spot.

When fashion designer Drew meets ranch owner Duncan, both men are surprised at the mutual attraction. A family wedding means that they will be bumping in to each other and neither of them want this to be just a fling but their lives are so far apart they don't know if it will ever work.

This is the sort of book that I couldn't put down and honestly some of the moments these two shared were amazingly hot!!!

Shame it's a standalone as I would love more of their story. 5 out of 5 stars.

Making It Happen Book Blog said

My Highland Cowboy is one of those stories that’s just right, with the perfect balance of…well, just about everything.  Wonderful setting, characters I adored and in whom I became invested, just the right amount of angst, and some hot and sexy intimate scenes thrown in for good measure.  This is definite re-read material, and though this is the first book I’ve read by this author, I’m now adding a whole bunch more of her books to my TBR list!

As I mentioned previously, this story really does have a perfect balance.  It is very well written with a good hook to keep your attention, and the chemistry between Duncan and Drew is quite obvious and definitely sizzling.  I felt their emotional pain as they tried to work through not being together, and could feel their want when they were apart.  To me it was evident who would need to be the one to make some concessions, it was just the “how” of it that needed to be sorted out.  Getting to that point while feeling their love as well as their aching from being apart was what kept me riveted to the pages.

My Highland Cowboy was a lovely 4.5-star read for me, and I do highly recommend it to all M/M romance fans.  If you’re a fan of the Scottish Highlands or cowboys, you’re going to love it even more.


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