Monday 7 May 2018

Update 7th May

It’s a bank holiday in Britain and the sun is shining. I, of course, am inside with the fan on. Heat is not my thing. I love those days in Spring and Autumn when the sun shines but it’s not hot. However, this year we seem to have missed Spring. Still, the leaves are coming out on the trees and there are frolicking lambs.

My big news is that we have completed on our new house. With my mobility getting worse, we’ve bought a dormer bungalow with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. We haven’t moved in yet but hopefully we will soon. The house also has a garden with fruit trees which will be nice.
There’s a bit of work to do including taking down this interesting monstrosity from the 70s which is in the dining room and we also need to turn the bathroom into a wetroom and do some minor electrical repairs. I’ve treated myself to a new king size bed as well as my current one is 25 years old.
Other exciting news comes from my football clubs. My local team Accrington Stanley have been promoted to their highest ever position in the English League, and Cardiff City, the team I’ve supported for over 40 years, won promotion to the Premier League yesterday. It was a tense afternoon.
My little nephew was there with his mum. They have season tickets for next year so he’s every excited. After the match, the players had their photographs taken with fans and there are many of him with all the players which was such a lovely thing to do. I have to admit to shedding a few tears seeing him dressed up in the City kit. He loves his football and his dad, an obsessive Man Utd fan, would be so proud watching him play.

Reading stuff now. Read and enjoyed more books by Garrett Leigh. I especially enjoyed Between Ghosts and Misfits. I will be reading more. Also enjoyed Josh Lanyon’s The Magician Murders and the joyous Mail Order Bride by Eli Easton. Current read is Once Upon a Western Shore by Harper Fox. I am such a fan of the Tyack and Frayne series and I love the memories it gives me of Cornwall. Next on the read list is Josh Lanyon’s Take the High Road.
On the watching front, we finished Buffy S4 and Angel S1 and have just begun the next in line. We also watched The City and the City which I found an interesting premise but confusing, and the most recent series of The X-Files. I’ve always been such a fan of Mulder and Scully, but this series was mixed in quality. We do have the boxset of all episodes yet to embark upon.
Writing has been slow, but I’ve managed more words on my WIP which is Cormac and Lachie’s story and doesn’t yet have a title. I’m currently inventing a village on the northwest coast of Scotland, trying to work out who would live there. On twitter I’ve joined in with the #LGBTWIP hashtag. Give it a visit if you want to find some interesting new authors and stories. My story Choosing Home is currently on sale. It’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited and 99p to buy. This is the first of the Call of Home series. Yes, it’s had mixed reviews, but I love the characters and the setting. The north east coast of Scotland around Banff is one of my favourite places. Why not give it a try while it’s cheap? You can find more information about it here.
That’s it for now. For those of you in Britain, enjoy the holiday if you get to have it and happy reading everyone.

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