Wednesday 4 October 2017

Right Here, Right Now - anthology of contemporary gay romance

I'd seen the call for stories for this anthology from Pride Publishing but didn't have an idea and I was also deep into writing another story, so I ignored it, then I received an e-mail. Could I write 15000 words? I wasn't sure. I mulled it over attempting to find a story, then from nowhere the first words jumped into my head - "I know you like him." I then started to think who might say these words and to whom would he say them and a story was born. 
I'm a pantster but I got out my ideas pad and scribbled down ideas for characters, locations and issues and The Matchmaker was created. The main characters are Simon, a businessman, Tom, his adopted son who says the opening lines, and Josh, Tom's carer. They live in Cardiff and some of the story involves a visit to Barry Island shown on the cover.

There are five other wonderful stories in the anthology, all very different from some amazing authors. I've read them all.

’Undercover’ by Lily Harlem
When two alpha males collide, sparks will fly.
’Never the Groom’ by Samantha Cayto
A cold night turns unexpectedly hot.
’The Soldier Next Door’ by Brigham Vaughn
Sometimes, love is right next door.
’The Matchmaker’ by Alexa Milne
Sometimes you need a little push.
’Throwaway’ by Jon Keys
Garrett escaped the death threat from his family, but the Texas Panhandle is where he may be at the end of any hope.
’The Coach’ by Thom Collins
A routine assignment unlocks the secrets of his past.

So if you love mm romance and need a short story to fill in a boring lunchtime or to read before going to bed or any time really, why not download this collection?


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