Monday 14 November 2016

Weekly round up 14th November, 2016

Monday again. Well the last two weeks haven't been brilliant for anyone. I thought Brexit was bad but electing Trump has made me fear for the world. I don't understand hate. Maybe I've never had enough energy to hate - I don't know. Students used to sometimes say I hated them but I used to assure them I didn't because I didn't want to use so much energy or thought in a negative way. I was also taught to dislike the behaviour not the person but I'm finding that more challenging of late.
I've done hardly any writing in the last fortnight. I've been ill and too sad to write a happy ending for my Scottish cowboy story. I did begin another story and wrote the first chapter and have another plot bunny based on a dog walking story in my home town - not Walnut which had me crying buckets - but walking certain breeds of dogs on Sundays on Barry Island beach. Maybe I'll feel inspired and also resubmit my older men story when people have read it and I've tinkered some more - computer willing. I'm having trouble with it again so bought a new one. Setting up everything again is such a pain though.
I've read a few books and enjoyed them but not as much as usual. I finsihed The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick, Interborough by Santino Hassell. The Soldier's Scoundrel by new to me author Cat Sebastian, and have now started Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg.
New watching for me - Frequency on Netflix which I'm enjoying and Class the Doctor Who spinoff on BBC3 which is great.
Targets for this week are flexible. Any writing would be good. I've a blog post to do for Female First magazine as well.
Lastly, the winner of the signed PB copy of Sporting Chance is Sula Holland so if you PM me an address I'll get that sorted ASAP.
Oh and Staying Home is out on general release 22nd November.
Have a good week everyone.

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