Monday 28 November 2016

Weekly roundup, Monday 28th November.

Monday morning again and Christmas is getting nearer.
Last week I wrote those special words - THE END - my Scottish cowboy story came in at 66K. I like to leave stories for a bit before editing. I also set up my new computer and discovered I had lost the latest version of While You See a Chance, my older men story now set in Wales. I was a bit pissed off to say the least.
As for reading I'm hooked on Jordan L. Hawk's Hexmaker series. I have such admiration for world builders. I've always loved fantasy and now I can combine with historicals. I've also downloaded Heidi Cullinen's Minnesota series so they'll be next. I also listened to the latest Torchwood story on Big Finish set before CoE with lots of Jack and Ianto called Outbreak which was wonderful.
On the injury front the leg is a lot better. I'm not back sleeping upstairs yet but I can get up there now despite being scared stiff every time just in case I aggravate the injury again. My main problem is not using the muscles means I'm a bit shaky.
Oh and lastly this week, thanks to Santino Hassell, I discovered Eyewitness, and after bingeing six episodes, I'm hooked.
This week I'm going to tinker with While You See a Chance before resubmitting and maybe research a publisher for A Matter of Timing. I also have a completed story I've not opened for several months so maybe I'll take a look at that and decide if it needs more or a sequel.
Have a good day, everyone. And the photo is a reminder that the Call of Home series is on sale at All Romance and Pride Publishing today.
Have a good week everyone.

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